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About Scotech Performance

Scotech Performance combines state of the art measuring equipment with cutting edge software that allows our clients to view performance in a whole new light. 

We strive to provide unmatched insights and performance analysis for all our clients through our baseline testing and analytics hub.

We  service all sports associations, as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, and we are proudly West Australian.


Our flagship product the IsoDeck is available now and is being used in a wide variety of applications. The versatile fixed position dynamometer can complete a multitude of isometric and eccentric tests. The IsoDeck is most versatile, cost effective dynamometer on the market. 

Our other three staple products are the Power Plates, the Handheld Dynamometer, and our brand new Speed Gates.

Read on below for more details and product features.


The IsoDeck is a fixed position dynamometer capable of testing athletes, measuring symmetry, tendon loading, eccentric exercise, screening players & teams and aid in rehab tracking. 

The IsoDeck is a reliable universal testing device was an essential for elite sports teams. By measuring over 25 different tests the IsoDeck is a multi functional testing tool that gives teams and clinics a better understanding of their athlete.

Power Plates

Power Plates - The dual force plate system that allows for easy testing anywhere. The completely portable system allows you to test anywhere in the gym, clinic or field.

Wirelessly connect the Power Plates to your tablet to produce live feedback including max force, L&R asymmetry, jump height, contact time and air time. Get in touch with us now to find out how the Power Plates can be utilised by your team.


Handheld Dyno

The Handheld Dyno by Scotech Performance. A push & pull dynamometer in a single unit, allowing you to switch between a range of different tests efficiently. 

The Handheld Dyno has a small OLED screen that provides instant feedback to the user, while also connecting wirelessly to a tablet to show more advanced analytics to store data to the cloud. Find out more about the Handheld Dyno today.


The SpeedGates are a precision timing system that provides convenient and accurate data. The system is completely wireless and can be orientated to desired distances ranging up to 100m.

It provides convenient digital read outs that allow coaches and athletes to visualise their training and testing performances. They offer quick testing repetition, meaning that you can automatically start the next test without having to manually edit or alter the equipment. 


Testing Capabilities & Catalogue

We have developed a catalogue of the different tests that can be completed on our wide range of products. The thorough document provides testing set-up advice, queues, warm-up exercise and much more to make sure you get the best out of your testing. 

Enter your details below to receive access to our continually growing testing catalogue. 


Hamstring Pull 30-degrees

Equipment: IsoDeck

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