Analytics Hub

Cloud Based and Capable

Analyse your data through the IsoDeck Analytics Hub. Our industry leading software utilise multiple tools like the report generator, screening alarms and player progression tracker to best manage your team. 

The Analytics Hub is the best way to present your data in a number of different formats and templates 

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Screening, Graphing, Progress, Rehab & More....


Tracking your teams status can be a very time consuming exercise if you are dealing with a large quantity of players. 

using the screening application of the Analytics Hub allows you to set parameters for the team and receive an alert if a player has recorded a score outside their threshold.

Tracking your players status and identifying potential problems has never been easier.  

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Player Profiles

Player Profiles can be created and adjusted to include specific groups, positions and other attributes. 

Player profiles can track player progress over time. You can also compare individual players tests within the profiles.



Produce reports by selecting the data you want to present. Entering criteria such as player groups, position and specifying the exercise and timeline. 

Select how you want to display your data from a range of different options. Histogram, Line graph, Table and Spider Graph are just a few of the ways the Analytics Hub can display data. 

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Rehab Monitoring

Select your players health status by choosing whether they are healthy or in rehab. 

By putting a player in rehab status you can track their rehab progress in order to get them back to their baseline before the injury. 

This also means you don't impact your players average scores over time when they are rehab, you can change a players health status in their profile.



Print your report to a .PDF or export the data to a .CSV file to complete any additional reviews or analysis using your existing spreadsheets.

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These are the key features of the Analytics Hub. More features can be found by contacting us and start a trial today!