At Scotech Performance we pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality - state of the art equipment. A large contributing factor this is the large amount of in-house work that is completed. 

As a proudly owned and operated Australian business, see below what work is completed in-house, that allows us to raise the bar, and keep our products as a gold standard in the industry. 


In-House Testing

Quality Assurance & Reliability

As part of our strict quality control, all products are tested in-house prior to dispatching, to ensure they meet a range of stringent requirements for our users. These quality assurance measures create a reliable product, that allows repeatable and consisting testing.


Custom Equipment

Design & Construct

With a range of in-house development we are able to customise equipment for our users. Whether it be minor tweaks to dimensions or large adjustments to functionality, our in-house development team can create fit-for purpose tools for your needs.


Company Owned Fabrication

Effective & Efficient

With our company owned fabrication we can ensure that high quality items are created to meet the requirements of our users. A range of different tools and machinery allow Scotech performance to be a one-stop-shop for fabrication. The additional benefit is, due to the fabrication being in-house, we can efficiently create new products with low turn-around times.

Electric Grinder

In-House Software

Advanced & Capable

Developing software internally allows us to provide capable programs for the equipment as well as focusing on producing a streamlined user experience. Having the balance between the two ensures that the data collected from our equipment is utilised and presented in a manner that adds real value for our users.

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