Information Session

If you're looking for information regarding product capabilities or information on how to get started with us, get in touch and we will be happy to set up a web call through zoom to discuss the finer details of our products. We also have a variety of product data sheets, testing capabilities and guides to assist all of our customers.



Quick Reference Guide and Tips

How Do You Set Up The IsoDeck?

The set up to start testing with the IsoDeck is quick and easy. Simply position the head unit to the desired angle and height, connet to the tablet application via bluetooth and begin testing. Typical set up time for a test is 30  seconds.

How Do You Collect Data?

Data is collected via the tablet application. Data is stored an uploaded to the cloud where it can be reviewed and analysed in the future. 
The tablet application allows you to collect data easily, with out the need for laptops or additional cables.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

The typical set up for a test is 30 seconds. After the IsoDeck head unit is in position, connecting to the tablet application via bluetooth is quick and easy. 
Testing multiple athletes is efficient and effective with the IsoDeck.

How Do I Access The Analytics Hub?

Access to the Analytics Hub is via the header of the Scotech Performance web page. 

The Analytics hub allows you to review, analyze and produce visual representations of you data. 

Visit the analytics hub here:

How Do I Calibrate My Unit?

All IsoDeck units are calibrated in our factory to a universally accredited set of weights and loading tools. 

If your IsoDeck unit appears to be out of Calibration, please contact us via the admin email address or the contact number below and we can assist in recalibration. 

Which Countries Do You Ship To?

Currently we are shipping to all countries. We are experiencing a delay currently with the current freight restrictions to some areas. 

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding shipments and freight. 

How Do I Know My Unit Is Connected?

The IsoDeck units have key identifiers when registering in the tablet application. 

You will be able to confirm that the IsoDecks unit is connected when the identifier name registers when searching for devices, and the reference data loads. 

Do You Have A Register Of All The Testing Positions?

We do not have a register of all the testing positions. However, if there is anything specifically you wanted to test, get in touch with us today and we can help you out.

If the above wasn't enough, get in touch with one of our technicians that can assist.