Handheld Dyno

Quick, Versatile and Effective Testing

The handheld dynamometer developed by Scotech Performance offers a large range of different testing capabilities while reducing set up times, allowing for effective, efficient testing. 

The handheld dynamometer features an OLED screen which provides immediate testing results. The display will show and hold the maximum force recorded through the handheld dynamometer. This allows for rapid testing. This feature also comes as an efficiency saver when testing large squads. 

The handheld dynamometer also connects wirelessly to a tablet application. This tablet provides instant feedback through its digital read out and saves testing session data to the cloud. 

Through Scotech Performances Analytics Hub, users can review and compare test results from the handheld dynamometer. These results can also be compared with other data from other Scotech Performance products. 



  • Push & Pull Capability​

  • Interchangeable Head Pieces

  • Completely Portable

  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Mobile Application 

  • OLED Screen For Max Force Reading

  • Cloud Based Data Collection


Handheld Dyno



The handheld dynamometer is capable of both push and pull forces through the use of its interchangeable head pieces. Attach the specific head pieces to allow for quick testing in a range of different scenarios. 

The handheld dynamometer also features a small OLED display. This screen will display and hold the max force recorded on the handheld dynamometer. This further increases the already rapid testing capabilities of the unit. 



The handheld dynamometer is a completely wireless unit. Its built in battery capabilities mean that you can test in the gym or on the field with out the need for wires or cables. 

The handheld dynamometer data is also collected wirelessly and provides a live feedback via Bluetooth. So you can leave the laptop in the office and connect to the handheld dynamometer via Tablet.



The handheld dynamometers data is displayed live through the use of the mobile tablet application. After connecting wirelessly through bluetooth you will be able to display livetesting results through the tablet. 

This data is recorder autonomously and uploaded to the cloud where you can review and compare data when it is suitable for you. 

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Analytics Hub

The real driver behind the handheld dynamometers success is the Analytics hub. Review, compare and present a range of data filtered specifically how you want, all with in the hub. 

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