The IsoDeck

The Most Versatile Fixed Position Dynamometer

The IsoDeck is a fixed position dynamometer capable of testing athletes, measuring symmetry, tendon loading, eccentric exercise, screening players & teams and aid in rehab tracking. 

The IsoDeck is a reliable universal testing device was an essential for elite sports teams. By measuring over 25 different tests the IsoDeck is a multi functional testing tool that gives teams and clinics a better understanding of their athlete.



Over 25 + Testing Positions

Isometric and Eccentric

Completely Portable

Wireless Unit & Bluetooth Tablet Application

Cloud Based Analytics

Collect and Review - Any Time, Any Place


The Hardware

Reliable & Repeatable


360-Degree Movement

The IsoDecks head unit allows it to rotate a complete 360-degrees around the central post as well as the rotate the force arms 180-degrees around the head unit. 

The 3-axis movement allows the IsoDeck to test a vast range of different tests, making it the most versatile unit on the market. 

Fully Adjustable

The IsoDeck can be adjusted to suit the specific tests you require. The quick release adjustments make a small change a simple task. 

The IsoDeck is also completely customizable. If you require a specific feature tweaked on the unit, our in house development team can ensure that the IsoDeck suits your requirements.

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Completely Portable

The IsoDeck is a completely wireless unit. Its built in battery capabilities mean that you can test in the gym or on the field with out the need for wires or cables. 

The IsoDecks data is also collected wirelessly and provides a live feedback via Bluetooth. So you can leave the laptop in the office and connect to the IsoDeck via Tablet. 

The real driver behind the IsoDecks success is the Analytics hub. Review, compare and present a range of data filtered specifically how you want, all with in the hub. 

Follow the link for more info. 

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Pricing & Info

Get in touch with us today for pricing, packages and other information to see how the IsoDeck can add real value to your testing.