Scotech Q&A with Harry Scoble

Why did you get started with Scotech?

"With a background in professional sport paired with my passion of technology, I saw a gap in the existing testing equipment and decided to develop a more universal and user-friendly testing device. The IsoDeck was our first product and foot in the door with dynomometry."

Why is Baseline Screening important in preventing injury?

"Baseline testing offers a number of benefits for both future and present. The immediate benefits of baseline testing include assessing asymmetry, identifying specific weaknesses and providing guidance for gym programs. The future benefits of baseline testing include post injury rehab return to play markers, tracking progress of gym programs and routine screening through a season."

What sort of persons / groups would find the benefit from your services?

"Anyone who wants to improve in the gym, on the field/court or anyone who has suffered an injury and is looking for ways to return to sport or just feel better. Our products will identify any weaknesses or asymmetries that allow you to move forward with your goals."

In a couple sentences, can you explain why Baseline Screening help athletes get better at their chosen sport?

"There has been major progression in sports technology over the last decade, and one of the key advancements is that of data driven testing. By completing baseline testing, athletes data is collected and analysed to provide specific gym programs and relevant training regimes that add the most value."

Having played professional rugby for the Western Force - did you ever have to do some form of baseline testing? How did it benefit you in your time with the club?

"Playing with the Western Force for a number of years we would periodically test using a number of different devices. There was definitely value in completing the testing as it provided us a foundation to base our training programs. Now the Western Force utilise the IsoDeck fixed position dynamometer regularly and have seen immense benefits in program planning and rehab tracking."

Is there a common misconception about the efficacy of baseline testing?

"By baselining a player or patient it provides real data and a reference point for the individual. Without thorough baseline testing, and injuries or training progress is really based on gut feel which fluctuates based on a number of variables"

Do you believe it’s easy for baseline testing not to be taken seriously? Why do you think that’s dangerous?

"It is easy to fall into the trap of sticking to outdated industry norms in sport. The science behind data driven baseline testing has proven beneficial in all facets of S&C and Physiotherapy. By not completing some form of data collection you are not getting the most out of your testing."

What has been one surprise to you since starting up in this sport/healthcare industry?

"The biggest surprise for me is how little data collection is completed in the industry. Often tests are completed and it is either the patient or physio who flags an issue based on instinct. But by using our equipment and showing someone with hard evidence that a particular area needs work, takes the guesswork out of helping someone improve."

What happens after someone opts in for use of an Isodeck, Dynamometer or Force Plates? Is Scotech Performance on deck to assist with initial testing, understanding of results, and next steps?

"We provide ongoing support to all our clients whether it is technical support or just answering any questions they may have about the equipment. We also keep an up to date register of all our testing positions that we share with the Scotech community as well as monthly webinar sessions to share any developments within the business or industry."

Can your baseline equipment service Concussions?

"We are currently investigating how Scotech Performance products can provide value to concussion testing. Our products currently can identify asymmetry, imbalance as well as force and rate of force development. Trials with our products are being validated against modified versions of verified concussion baselining such as Sensory Organization Test (SOT) and Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)."

Why is it important to Scotech that the products you offer are made inhouse?

"One of the key pillars we model ourselves on is reliability. We fabricate and develop all equipment in house so that your testing is reliable and repeatable, meaning you can complete the same test each and every time. Our in-house capabilities also means that can continue to develop our products to ensure you always have industry leading technology."

What does Scotech offer that you’re most proud of?

"The biggest component of Scotech Performance that I am proud of is that we can genuinely help people. From budding athletes that want to improve in the gym and on the field. Or people with persisting sporting injuries that just want to get back to their old selves. Our products can identify areas of improvement that can get you moving towards your goals."

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