Power Plates

Robust, Accurate & Portable

The Power Plates developed by Scotech Performance are a robust and accurate measuring instrument to test your athletes and clients. 

Through the use of high tensile steel load cells, our Power plates are the perfect piece of testing equipment to test, measure and improve. 

Testing a variety of different exercises with a quick set up and easy data recording, designed to make your testing more efficient and more accurate. 



  • Test over 400kg

  • Completely Portable

  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Mobile Application

  • Cloud Based Data Collection


Power Plates



The Power Plates are fabricate in house by our development team to ensure the highest quality product is delivered. 

The Power Plates are machined from billet aluminium, to allow for high compressive stress loads, which increases the accuracy of the data collection. 



The Power Plates units also feature an internal battery power supply, which means you can test anywhere with out the need for cables. 

This feature means that testing can be completed in on the gym floor, in the clinic or out on the field. 



The Power Plates data is displayed live through the use of the mobile tablet application. After connecting wirelesly through bluetooth you will be able to display live testing results through the tablet. 

This data is recorder autonomously and uploaded to the cloud where you can review and compare data when it is suitable for you. 

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Analytics Hub

The real driver behind the Power Plates success is the Analytics hub. Review, compare and present a range of data filtered specifically how you want, all with in the hub. 

Follow the link for more info.

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Pricing & Info

Get in touch with us today for pricing, packages and other information to see how the IsoDeck can add real value to your testing.