Testing Catalogue

Our range of products provide a number of different testing positions for the user. 

Testing equipment includes: 

- IsoDeck

- Power Plates

- Handheld Dyno

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Hamstring Pull: 30-degrees

Equipment: IsoDeck
Application: Max Force Test; or Isometric Loading
Measure: R vs L Asymmetry, Max Force, RFD, more...
Set Up Time: 60 Seconds

The maximum effort isometric 30-degree hamstring pull has been a staple testing position for many users. Setting up the unit such that the force arm angle is set to 30-degrees then positioning the test subject so that the force pads are placed just above the achilles. 

Ensuring the subjects pull direction is straight into the foam pads, record the height of the collar on the post and the location of the knees on the bed. This allows for controlled repeatability for future tests. 

Prior to completing a maximum effort test, ensure the subject is appropriately warmed up. Perform 2 - 3 test pulls, building upward from 80%. 

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Drop Jump

Equipment: Power Plates
Application: Power Training; or Athlete Baselining
Measure: R - L Asymmetry, Jump Height, RFD, more...
Set Up Time: 30 Seconds

Start by setting up the Power Plates and the box which you will be stepping off slightly apart, allowing for a clear step off the box onto the plates. Box height can vary depending on the goal for the test, however for the purposes of this test a 300 mm box was used. 

When stepping off the box ensure that a controlled single leg movement is followed by both feet being lifted/airborne from the step. Landing on the Power Plates should consist of both feet hitting their respective plate at the same time. 

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